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Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 January 2012 at 12:22 AM

Today, 06 of January, the weather is sucks, snow turns to water and cloudy sky was dark all day. I feel myself waste and weak, actually because I have to do foolish paperwork (hate it!). So I allow myself to paint something small in order to have a deep breath of fresh air.

Sensor deprivation and constrained stoppage kills. I want to run away but can`t do it, of course, so the only way is to escape into another worlds painter do with a brush the same way as a wisard could with his magic wand. Such dayes I like to stay in my dining room, having tea (with honey or chokolate). The dining table is big enough to host me, my small painting set and everything for my small unformal tea ceremony. This is the steely teapot with hot water staying on the  special candle, also I collect my tea-tray - small teapot with chinese tea, one from 8-10 another, small cup, a cup of honey, special silver spoon… All things I collect according to my mood. I like to choose a cup for tea by colour, shape, type of surface and size. Also I like to make a small tea ceremony so my mood became a litle bit better and then I could start to paint.

Today it was combination of shadows grey and steel black, with silence and movement, and a little bit coloured at the end. As I hate borders in painting I use both sides of my sketch-book so all images have vertical size much more then horizontal.As I see something ready to appear through the paper I help it stroke by stroke until I could seet it in total.

As I painted it I have a strong feeling how it will be as a AB painting big size. So I feel it will be. This is the movement into depth, partly here - partly stayed on the top. Why the head of Buddha turned to the bottom rocks? Is it the end of his descendent or the movement don`t stop? What was the reason? Knowledge of the meaning is a multy-level thing. I`ll describe it with the future big AB Picture, hopes in nearest future.

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