Step by step: “Blue mountings-I” in Gohua style
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 October 2010 at 07:29 PM

I am thinking about a seria of big paintings. It needs more time so now I can do small works by aquarel and think about the future during it. My interest points on Chinese Gohua style, mountings and clouds. My friends wanted to study it too and asked me for a step-by-step illustration.

Actually I don`t like to show the process step by step. It seems mechanically calculated, but in real life for me such painting is a meditation process. This is not only lines and colors. I was thinking about several different things during the process, from sensation of depth and height to my future paintings. For my friends this is step-by-step post and you could use it as a master class for your own meditation. Here it is work in progress of "Blue Mountings-I" in Gohua style.

I started this picture before my sliping time just to try it but it was so exciting I couldn`t sleep until I finished it. First of all it was a sketch by gray ink and then I made power lines by dark ink.

Big picture:

I made points by black ink in aqua brush so mountings bacame lively.

The same I did with all mountings. It`s important to make strokes different in wide and direction, strokes should be breathing and moving.

Then it was the time to make the main lines of the mist. It`s seems as a spiral on chinese tradition.

By white wax charcoal I made the points of deep mist.

It was several kinds of charcoals used it the picture - wax, aqua pencils etc.

Several colors of blue for mountings:

Total view:

Mountings generally has grass, trees, bushes or something like that. So I used green water-pecil for it.

I imagine the time around sunrise for that place. So this is the gentle pink color for it.

Next step was a distant part of the panorama.

Total view:

So it was the last step to make several shadows on mountings and mist.

So the work was completed. Try it, sense it`s fragrance, maditate with the lines and good luck! smile





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