Step by step method: keep calm and move on
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 10 November 2014 at 03:17 PM

Have you ever experienced different styles of cooking? For example, to cook something quick  (a soup) requires diferend mind set then slow cooking (baking, for example). Definitely, small slowly steps isn`t so easy. It needs to keep calm and control the whole process in every detail. So I made myself calm during my preparation for the first film.

Not so easy! I felt it done in so bright insight so it was strange it  wasn`t appear from Universe ready to be downloaded to my YouTube channel!

I remember how hard was my knitting stude. I made it because I fe,t the same as with filming: can`t wait, want everything ready and hate such a boring small movements to make thousands of loops just to have about 10% of future model. Oh my god, it was the most hard education in my life! Much harder then quantum mechanics! Why I did it? Because I felt it is the problem I can`t wait. Than I did a kind of personal mazohism and learn knitting for 6 months professiional courses. I wsa really suffering all the time. And I won.

The point is, I learned crocheting and Chinese style satin stitch embroidery by myself. I even wrote 7 books about how to satin stitch. It is the same like drawing by pensils, rather calming activity so I use it when I want just to becalm myself.

It turns me to the idea about principal differencies between two kinds of mind styles. While I am drawing, painting, satin stitching and fast coocking, I can feel the whole picture. As I am good qualified and have a long experience, it needs very small attention to control hands, and zero attention to the single gesture because all of them are different.

In knitting the whole picture doesn`t work properly. It needs to make a huge amount of the same gestures, repeat it and wait even for small proper result (I guess, the same in Chinese calligraphy that`s why I wasn`t able to learn it).

In thousands parameters of film making this is the same. Thanks for my knitting education, I can cope it!

When I am thinking about a project, I can see it in total. Then, when I have a clear vision I can paint everything. This is no tryes,  just one-two sketches to catch the movement of lines, not more. A future painting comes to me as it will be in reality, done, the only gesture which make the general lines.

In filming, like in knitting, it needs to make many attempts to have a choice what`s better. Yes, it is hard because I want to try more and make more samples. Yes, I am struggling just for the first 1,5 min infographics and hope others will be much more easy to do. That hope, for the sake of future realization, allow me to sit still and keep calm while I am ready to scream and want to make something wrong just to steam.

So, I am working. Please, let me to finish it, then I will start to post things!





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