Stone by stone; step by step, wave by wave
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 November 2012 at 04:36 PM

Sometmes a road we have s a long one. As long as we feel the target it remains interesting, but it takes a lot of efforts to overcome it. All steps is important as all stones in a wall.

Ones I was attracted by fine beauty of dancing shadows and stones and then started to paint it - just on the road. Left hand to make scetch with right shape and angles: then change the hand to colour it. It was not easy to put into memory every stone… I mean to make an effort to do it!

Brave Greecs-drivers! smile smile They tryed to understand what could do a tourist sitting on the road because here it was nothing interesting for them. With stone faces (except several Greecs I knew before) they stratched necks to have a glance. It was so funny, but the wall has so many stones so I had to pay all attention to it. Actually it was an exhousting exercise because I don`t like to concentrate to many small different objects. It occupies my memory with thousands small characteristics input simultaneously and I feel tired with it. But that time I wanted to understand how that wall live, all stones, tht`s why I literary said hello and how are you to everything.

It wasn`t easy, sun was going just above my head. I concentrated to stones and directions, and shape, and gaps between it. As I understand one piece it seemed it opened more operative memory and suddenly I realized something new straight on the place I starred an hour. For example the brics inside round "window" in the wall surprized me much, because I didn`t realized it before.

One of the exciting things of the wall was the fact it flows to the seashore. It seemed every brick, every stone wanted to gain green water, it`s so symbolically important to Capricorns so I wanted to realize everything at all… but it was more venicles here and there so I desided to finish the picture in another place.

One of the most interesting things was the road and bottom of the wall has the angle about 25-30 degee, but the upper part of the wall was strictly horizontal. I spent half an hour to investigate how it was constucted. So small things invisible to many people could keep a secret.

As it was nearly 1:00 PM the shadows became darker and I felt a desire to run to green waters. Last glance:

Running down and down, feeling how dry the stones is…

Back to the paradise!

That was stone by stone, step by step and then wave by wave we gain our results, sometimes producing it, sometimes making a road to things simply being not far away.





You’re a real deep thnkier. Thanks for sharing.

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