Subjective feeling
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 October 2011 at 01:14 PM

Sometimes I feel time as a clossy honey. It flows unhurriedly and I stuck in it as a moquito in a peace of amber. I feel as I do nothing. I feel as I create nothing. Energy stream outside is sparse and flat, and feelings point it. Nevetherless I am nearly finishing of 3 new Graphics I`ll publish in nearest future. Tomorrow will be Management Club I lead for my students, it`ll be the subject of the year “Strategy of life” and “Art of War”. We`ll discuss crowd behavior, suggestibility and imitation reflex - things yang managers ought to know to be professionals and to organize their life. So impersonally it`s a lot of things to do but deeply inside I feel as I feel, honey, flat, stop.
This is the autumn. The time for my yoga practice instead be lazy, oh, yes.

Good website. Nice placing comments system. I’m sorry for the off-topic posting, but I ended up being extremely amazed with Djokovic’s play in the final of the Aussie OPen this year. The man is probably unbeatable. He revealed he was as solid as iron. Only think about he he can defeat Nadal who has been so determined to gain as well as really was so motivated up while in the 5th set. I’m beginning to think that Djokovic is performing some faith based work to take some forces on his side that help him secure this kind of matches up against the very best players in the planet
buy school papers. What do you think concerning Rafa’s game?

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