Sustainable Project: How to create
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 April 2014 at 09:28 AM

Sustainability is our future as we all want to have a future. That`s why we should pay attention about it while we are creating a project with a good potential. Today so many things comes and disappears in short time, our time itself is so fast so it needs to make right start for the development. I am doing it now.

What is a sustainable base to any project? Of course, resourses available, includes own skills and time. For sure, a sustainable project needs courage, enthusiasm and knowledge. Some risks should be put under insurance.

The question is: what can be the core to drive everything faster? How to guarantee the project work in different circumstances?

Many things changes, or can change, for sure will change, so how to impart a project with flexibility under control?

The base thing nesessary for such work is a concept.

Our bodies need skeleton with specific features, possibilities of stretching and firm support. The same way a sustainable project needs a concept. Concept is the bones, chords, joints and so flexible structure which make a project alive and normally growth. Flexible and firm, it allows us to react quickly, to be proactive in many situations, to catch a chance and prevent from overuseing a situation to cause the danger of premature aging.

Not an easy thing!


So sustainability needs a concept bases on knowledge, analysis, experience and skills.

Also it needs to be creative to provide something new to the world in order to make it better place.

That`s the reason I delay my painting until the concept will be finished.

The main concept has finished. Surrounding concepts (middle and smaller "bones") are half-finished which is enough to start.

I will write more later, now I have to make post, do my yoga and go on, go on, go on!







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