Sweet weather; lazy girl
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 April 2011 at 02:48 PM

Oh my god, I am happy to live till the weather turns sweet! It was the worst winter I`ve remember which made me depressive, weak and sad. I am a sun-person, a sea-person, I love sunshine and deep blue sky and clouds… I love night too with dark sky shimmers with stars… I physically reject cold and darkness as it was in winter… So when the weather becames +20 degrees with sun and new grass starts, I desire only to enjoy it, to drink light, to absorb it by all of my cells.
It seemes I become lazy, make less posts. Sorry, this is true; I barely sit on the computer to contact with my students. How boring virtual life seemes as I see the clouds and sky! I desire to be wear in sky and sea, not in words!
Nevetheless life never stops, duty never disappeares. I started several new paintings and practice more yoga and pranayama, read several books. Nevetheless the work is the first.

Superior web page. I like your posting comments system. I’m sorry for the off-topic write-up, yet I had been extremely fascinated with Djokovic’s play in the final of the Australian OPen this year. The guy is probably unrivaled. He showed he was as formidable as iron. Just consider about he he can defeat Nadal who had previously been so inspired to succeed as well as really was so pumped up in the 5th set. I am commencing to think that Djokovic is performing some religious work to take some forces on his side which help him secure this kind of matches against the finest players in the entire world
I buy essay. Whatrrrs your opinion regarding Rafa’s game?

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