The Billowy Mountings (#6; 1 Gohua album)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 December 2010 at 02:05 PM

This is the sacred question from what place we receive our ideas for painting. My vision is double.

First of all I see-feel energies - the base of whole life. I feel it both as something visible (not by eyes, of course) and something kinaesthetic. Sometimes I feel it as a blind could read by braille. I should see and touch energies because the vision informs me about the qualities of an energy, and the feelings of fingers, sometimes feelings of the body provides with information about directions, size, movement… When I accep such contact I can paint.

Every object has own rush to something. If you can listen of feel it, or another perception works, you can also see a great satge of life and the play. Energies and objects are the actors. And you are the spectator of divine games.

I have no order how to paint. Actually I hate any order in painting except common law of the matherials. This is paper so this is no limits to work with it. So I started with the thing supported my view. I started with clouds.

Clouds is  water and according Chinese system of Elements it couses Tree. That natural way I painted trees.

Trees bases on Earth element so the mountings was painted.

When my view of the future picture had became clear I started with black ink.

Waterfalls is another kind of water in mountings. Clouds curls, water falls… This is Dao way of the nature. This is the short and powerful description how everything lives, grows, changes.

This is the final picturre. Of course it will be the part of biggest painting in future, as all of my drawings.

This is #6 in the First Gohua Album by Anna Chudnovsky.

How nice all the pics!! Hope you will share more amazing pics. Thanks smile

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