The Day Before Tomorrow
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 January 2012 at 08:38 PM

Today I sleep alot and somehow feel myself better, more relaxable and soft. This is the last day of my personal year which will be ended tomorrow. So I wanted to make the next part os yesterday picture.

Shadow grey, steel black and yellow, and turquose, and light green was put together. Started with graphic I abandon it soon and choose more positive movement. If you saw how ancient temples of Malasia and Kamboja was taken up by jungle you could imagine how slow was the process and how fine border between stone`s destruction and growth of roots and trunks destroyed it. This is the Cyrcle of Life, one turnes into another without stop.

As I decide it will be AB painting in future as the yesterday picture I didn`t finished fine work. in order to save the essence of unfinished motion which allow me to see through the paper deeper inside. Ok, this is the time to name it.

Yesterday picture was "Embodiment. Don`t ask for help".

The picture of that day is "Resurrection. Stay and Wait".

Sure I`ll do the third picture tomorrow before I`ll go to pay respect to my parents or after it. Tomorrow, see you tomorrow.

WOW!! I must say very nice painting. I’m a new painter so this type of painting is encouraging me a lot. Thanks for sharing this layouts.

Many thanks smile

Although I was aware of the PRB for some years beforehand, for me, like many rtoehs it was Waterhouse’s Lady of Shalott’ that sparked a deeper interest. I loved that there were series of paintings illustrating a poem. I was given a lovely framed print of it and a PRB book by my partner for our first anniversary (over a decade ago now)I was a student of Renaissance art and history long before my awareness of the PRB, so the (relatively recent) discovery that Rossetti used to spit at mention of Raphael’s name was quite disturbing. The young master from Urbino does not deserve such disrespect, many are his accomplishments, and his achievements profound! I have a feeling the whole Pre-Raphaelite moniker was clever way to attract attention, as well as protest against the academic tradition espoused by Sir Joshua Reynolds . how else can anyone think of Raphael’s sublime portraits and spit?!!Kind RegardsH

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