The Edge of the Dream
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 13 August 2014 at 05:03 PM

Everyone knows, if a dream is attractive and take all of our attention, it is hard to wake up and hard to remember the dream when you succeded with wake up. The same with my trips. My departure from the hotel was at 06-50 so by the wise advise I didn`t sleep. Because of that reality around becames blur and unclear, as a kind of anesthesia.

I planed to shoot the beautiful picture of Corfu from the airplan but suddenly my GoPro was out of battery. It was just several frames from different points when I was trying to dry the accumulators. After it I fall asleep and at the next glance founded myself in cloudy Moscow.

I was lucky to have all laggage quickly and it was not so many people at the airport so the arrival seems also in blur. I was awakened by the rain.

After about 2 hours of jumping with everything in airexpress train, the subway, hundreds steps up and down, eventually I`ve arrive home.

Strange feeling. I am not sure Corfu exists, although I can see all pictures clearly in my mind. This is the same as with paintings: what I can see is clear but not real yet.

So… a kind of healthy transition is to keep blogging. I have a full list of activities for tomorrow, have to do that and that and to paint quickly, and to visit my mom with presents etc, and who knows what`s more. (I know: more is nordic walking with weights and zero bred).

Strange feeling of double reality is, as I still see the sea with all details just by my forehead, my senses informe me, I am sitting on my office place, my monitor is 3 times bigger then on Corfu laptop, the keyboard is better and Internet incredible fast. The point is to force myself to forget, this is 11 months between me and the sea, so I should restrain myself from the Edge of the Dream and don`t cross it too frequently.

So, I am going for the small tea ceremony and then hope to fall asleep.





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