To Rub with a God`s Dreams
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 February 2011 at 03:31 PM

As long as I feel energis in colours I fell myself inside God`s dreams about billions worls going round in space, swimmimg in space rayes, dancing in solar wind.  Splashing or energy as a divine thoughts produces all oscillations, bearth of worlds, death of creatures, transformes one mental matheria into another.

I could compare it with such feelings people   feel keenly on a big  flip-flap but of course such example doesn`t cover all things. Just imagine what could you feel as your mind, soul and feelings have expansion includes many far and different things one time, as your brain  starts to light with more possibilities your have in everyday life. Some people fell it as orgasm, yes it seems like that… but as you limit orgaistic feelings with body only this is not the same.

Splash of colours and light, zero-gravity and freedom, eternity and timeless - but also time is compressed; millions years and things in one moment, this is it. Process never stops with all metamorphosis, and what do you feel as you have possibility to see it in general and in all details synchronously, as a part of you is the witness, and a part is a creator, another part is a treveller?

Such things is more then every human could relive. I have to make meditation and to do yoga and also to make a balance between left and right part of my brain to keep such state but not to be totally involved in it.

A topic near to my heart thanks, iíve been wondering about this subject for a while.

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