Today Graphics: Universe-I
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 September 2010 at 11:23 PM

Hello everybody. I should to say about it ‘Hot news’ but actually this is cold here. This is so cold here in Moscow then my paintings need hours to dry so I have to use fen for it. This picture named "Universe-I" and represents the esoteric idea (also used in Astrology and Philosophy) of the cycle of nature elements: Water-Fire-Earth-Air. Small picture:

  Ideas of movement, how ideal idea could embodys to the solid forms, the process itself - this is my investigation and feelings. Step by step, from quiet statics, so fine and hardly perceptible has it`s own desire to be exist among people. Step by step it percolates through the everyday`s noise to something new, visible. I can feel it before I`ll give my brushes and instruments, choose paper and start to create. Before the first stroke I concentrate to the ideal form, Idea itself, then I must see it through the paper and like under it and then stabilize the image and start to work.

In the Graphics I want to represent the ideal ideas in it`s movement, live and full of information.


That’s a very nice painting. I really like the face at the top left of the painting. Besides that, I think the graphics are very lively and full of mystery.

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