Annamain`s mission

Dear friends,
I am Annamain (Anna Chudnovskaya) and I would like to say several words about what could you find here, what I am doing and what I am going to do.

During my multi-professional, crossfields education I've been following one strong idea: the treasure of Knowledge, Understanding and Consciousness is our best base to grow as individuals, resolve problems, achieve the goals and thus make the world a better place.

Knowledge is a treasure. Thousands of people dedicate millions hours of their lives, fire and light of their souls, focuse their proffessionalism to do great job to conquer ignorance and crystallize raw experience into bright diamonds of What-is-it and How-to-do.

My mission is to support knowledge, to provide understanding and support self-development of people. Doing my duty I write books, deliver lectures and inspire and organize online activities. Here it is the essence of my desire to raise integrated human society with full support of Mind and Emotional Intelligence.

I work in collaboration with scientists and also put my own experience to provide you with visual evidence of knowledge by Arts. Because many ideas could be forgotten, but Arts live forever. This is correct visible result of work and experience which you can use in many ways, from self-motivation to intuitive insights, from pure knowledge in science to meditation.
This is your benefits from my job. Enjoy it. Comment it. Participate it!

  With fire of my soul,
Anna Chudnovskaya

About the artist

Annamain (Anna Chudnovskaya) in her powerful works combines artistic vision of the world and all kind of its dynamics. Her unique personality combines both humane and scientific directions.

Themes, style and technique of her works embody the idea of real time change: people create and use information flow - and the world is responsive to our ideas.

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Annamain`s Activity


Introduction of digital and information technologies has paved the border between old and new world. Old approach meant delayed reaction to what happens - just slow passage of time. In the modern world we are skipping through the waves of information in real time, and in some way these waves influence us - so we are also changing the world with our ideas. Successful man of today has developed the will to win and responsiveness to changes, he feels trends and prospects and actively influences the world around him.

Annamainís art reflects the junction of global processes in society and deep desires of the human mind. Vibrant and dynamic colors are combined with the figurability, so that their combination provides deep emotional and energetic effects. The paintings are especially unique because the canvas remain flexible, with a strong fixation of the paint layer inside. It symbolically indicates one of the qualities of modern man - immersion in the information flow.

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