N1 2011: “The Rising: Plato”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 February 2011 at 09:26 PM

The first work I would like to present is painting in my technigue named "The Rising: Plato". That painting is the one of serial about The Rising - a hero of novadayes.  There is the idea how we growth and how that process happens.

This is easy to devolve down, to degradate, but it is more complicated even to keep the same position. If we desire to develop a new idea or project or ourselves we have to growth over yesterday customs, relationships and tiredness.  We need to overcome  circumstances and rubs, and such actions symbolically equal  to raising.  That painting represents the moment we have finished the vertical part of the way and are close to have a rest. Think about it…  When we have seen the plato our tiredeness growth and we desire to relax exectly that moment. But we stiil on the edge of the vertical part, still in dangerous,  still close to impedimental and prohibitory forces from inside and outside.  Being so assailable we need help d balance ... and if we are wakeful we could feel care, attention and soft support from somewhere not far away.

This is not easy to keep the feel of care among chaos and everyday informational stream. As we keep the feeling of care in our last intention, the power safe us from inaccuracy faults. This is the main idea of that painting "The Rising: Plato"

See also http://annamain.org/site/comments/new_graphics_the_rising-ii/  - my graphics with the same chapter. 

It’s obviously what I am looking for , very great information ,  cheer!

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