What is CyberWar: the Story and the Purpose
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That season I was a witness of one crime. When the situation was revealed it was too late for both victims. But I investigated what is the matter of the situation carefully and found a shoking statistics about it.

Such crime costs USA about $ 50 MILLIONS per year according to official reports I read. So many victims! Such a huge loss, and it`s just a money loss, because it`s difficult to

A day out of work, but still creative :)
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Today is so lovely day! I feel free and happy founding my unfinished embroidery and so have my creative rest, free from painting for a while, but still keep in touch with beauty!

“Adolescence” and “Death” has finished!
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"Adolescence" and "Death" has lacquer finished! I am happy!!! smile))

Japanese Strategist Miyamoto Musasi
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Now I reread the great book "Miyamoto Musashi" by en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eiji_Yoshikawa  . Miyamoto Musashi en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyamoto_Musashi is the great Japanese strategist, swords master who invented his school of swords with new idea to use both swords simultaneously.

I like that book although it`s a fiction book, because it`s a lot of details, very well organized and full of

Painting “Adolescence”
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Ok, It seems I`ll finish it for tomorrow. Feel a little bit ill and tired, with a headache, I should use one day to have a rest. But what`s a rest if my unpainted painting knocked inside my head?.. I want to finish the LifeCyrcle project, I want to go to the sea…

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