What is CyberWar: the Story and the Purpose
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 July 2013 at 10:06 PM

That season I was a witness of one crime. When the situation was revealed it was too late for both victims. But I investigated what is the matter of the situation carefully and found a shoking statistics about it.

Such crime costs USA about $ 50 MILLIONS per year according to official reports I read. So many victims! Such a huge loss, and it`s just a money loss, because it`s difficult to count anothers.

The same situation is in another countries. But I am sure the way to make loss less really exists.

It was the reason I used my art to make awareness which is also education process and also social, cultural and art event. Investigating cases and structures of the crime, I founded that official methods can`t prevent it. Actually to prevent such crimes is the same to prevent AIDS - to make people educated well both logically and emotionally. Education is our weapon. When I realized it I postponed all of my current projects and dedicated 5 weeks to CyberWar only. I made 19 big paintings in April and 3 additional in May, so it was 21 paintings in 5 weeks. It is more then I did in a year. It was hard work both physically, mentally and emotionally.

But the aim was prevention, prophylaxy.  Hopes I gained it.

Now you should wonder why I think the art can be effective.

After my reseaches I have strong logical reasons for it.

First of all, Art touches a common heart of human,  our Emotional Intelligence and deep Subconsciousness. So the impact of an Art message could be placed to people so deep and make so long memory as no one official document could produce. When Art objects constructed correctly (be sure I do it correct) the message will be clear, understandable and long working.

The second reason is long term influence of the Art, which is important to cover a  period of time needs to make people aware and so prevent crimes, as in the case of CyberWar project. Such long terms supports what exactly an Art object represents. If it represents the significant problem of human history Art became a voluable part of it, carefullly treasured and well supported by media. Look at the history of Arts, and you will wonder how art historians investigated a smallest circumstance of life which inspired an artist to paint the object. All sketches, small drawings - everything becomes a witness of the real life process, real experience. That`s why Arts is one of the stones of human history, represents collective subconsciousness and events.

The third reason is media process. Look how many films about paintings, both fiction and documental. BBC and National Geographic are the best examples how to make people educated using both mass media and art resourses. I discovered it being a big fan of BBC and NG in all of it`s activities, especially in environmental and science subjects. Look how it makes people educated in simple but so effective way. It`s the great job. I am proud being a witness of how they do it. It`s not really easy, be sure. So…

The forth reason to make the project was my duty as I know it. Being born to be an Artist I spent many years to be educated in many fields, from math to literature, from medicine to martial arts,  from management science to psycholgy. It took all of my time from my 5 y.o. and I was persistant in every part of it. Not an easy thing. A hard thing actually,  with many losses, and it cost… oh yes. Martial arts cost me 2 teeth, once I had a strong kick on the low right rib and was unable to breath normally about a week. So painful it was because of nerve-knot. (So I know the place of such nerve-knot and how to cure it and several times was able to use that knowledge to help my friends). This is just one example. I am trying to say, all of my knowledge and experience is required. No one was a time loss. That`s why being a witness I asked myself what is the reason for it and what I can do to save many people from such process, as statistics shows me the process is dangerously growth every year. My CyberWar project is my answer. It was born from pain and real experience in real time while everything happens. It made it unique evidence, not just an inspiration. Also I made several investigations in psychology to learn what`s the internal reasons and how it work. My knowledge is the answer for why. And I want to make the knowledge as a weapon to protect, to help, to resolve.

In addition to it, I have several advantages in Arts which could be the reason for the CyberWar project to be well spreaded and the message well known. I have 2 strong advantages in arts technically. One is my innovative technigue I call AB Painting. The second is the style and philosophy covering it.  That two advantages produce not only a particular view of my paintings but an additional interest.

As I said before, CyberWar project consists of 2 sections.  Section-I is already finished and dedicated to one part of the crime pointed against persons with English language background, more for US, UK, Australian and Europeans. Actually I have 2 additional painting to Section-I. One is about the second victim, but it has a portret sameness and now I think about should I reveal it or not. The second painting exists just in my mind in order to finish the message of the seria in positive way, which is important to educational process. I will finish it in September.

 Section-II pointed on common CyberWar in wich everyone is vulnerable and I had the plan for painting, but didn`t finish it yet. Because the Section-I is much more important. Also it will shows should I put my own experience in Section-II or not.

Why I tell about it now?

Because the time to open the Project is not today. That`s why all paintings in my 2013 Gallery is shadowed.

Today, in Independance Day of US, which I respect, I want to claim my position.


The treasure of nowadays is correct information. It makes us protected, independant and safe. It can help us to grow without common mistakes using education and knowledge as a power.

So I do my duty and my mission to help and support education and knowledge with all of my power, my possibilities and experience I have right now.

Thank you for being with me.







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