Art Investment: Unique Personal Experience Fingerprints
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 November 2015 at 12:15 AM No comments

Today many people base their works just on photos from Internet, using printing or projections and paint something above. Spoiled by cheap production and so financial success by PR, too many stuck in trivial copy-cutting. Despite of that, in art investment still one the most important positions for estimate is the biography, unique personal experience of an artist.

The differences between artificial combination and integrated synthesis is significant. It is easy to take some resources, then to cut something into pieces, to deform it and then to mix and glue together. Even teens are doing it well. How could it work? By the weak points of human brain and the instinctive rules of domination in monkey`s pack. Broken things, destruction or disorder attract attention on the instinctive level.

Destruction and cansumerism is easy, animal things to do, produced by hormonal-emotional limbic system. Every animal has it. The point is it waste resources. In opposite, it is not easy to make new synthesis creating by neocortex, human part of the brain. It costs a lot of personal energy and takes time, and need not usual personal experience.

Being multi-disciplinary and cross-fields I can make professional cuts for analysis and then to learn powers behind and create new synthesis.

This is one of the Climate Change 2015 seria. It looks classical but it isn`t. First, the method of painting is not usual. Second, it based on the real event when I was stuck far away from the seashore, sitting on warm rock with all of my drawing alboms when the white twilight flows above the sea.

It was the moment when different ideas was melted in my mind. The moment of the very strange season, between rain and storm, with incredibly transparent waters, so silent, so cristal. It was 2 weeks before I found a very strange object around. It was near the darkness when I forced myself to swim back, otherwise it would be very dangerous and nobody knew where I was.

One silent everning betweeb so much activities, planing, mind-mapping, snorkeling with cameras, drawing, projecting. Like an eye of storm that moment gave me a time to pause, to open feelings and leave my mind to finish the general synthesis based on all data and experience I had put into it. The process of brain work is fine and the own brain structure of neo-cortex, the genuine human mind, is more unique as our fingerprints. That`s why those who are printing and copying, especially copy-pasters, show-men and thiefs, they never have that brain structure and never be able to feel how the universe turns around when we, truly creators, suddenly finish the process of understanding. That`s one of the most divine things everyone search and few really have. Enlightment of god`s blessing, that`s true words about it, but this is just words. To try was it real or just imagined we should see the results. Creation causes creation. In the future you will see more results which now have t be hidden to the right time to show.

For today I can show the ActiveBase painting:


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