My #10 2012; AB Marketing seria #3 “Marketing: Poduct, Price, Place”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 May 2012 at 12:57 PM

The next stage of Marketing development was 4P marketing-mix. I devided it into 2 different paintings because the senior stage (Product, Place, Price) is completely different from the juniour (Promotion).

So here you can see "Marketing: Poduct, Price, Place". That stage grewn fron new abilities of technology allowed to produce more Product for more cheap Price and provides it in different distant Places in shortest time. It was the beginning of logistic and time management, management of delivery and stores. It was the target and a challenge - to be more productive in shortest time, to be quicker and safe, and to cover more places, as more as it`s possible. I recognized it as Man characteristics. So at the painting you can see a man who trying to outrun competitors and may be outrun Time, trying to deliver in time intil products in his bag remains fresh.

It is a question of speed in short distance but a question of Management in a long one with optimization of all procedures. At that stage of Marketing they started to think how to do things better, how to assess it, how to optimize and how to reach more distant customers and be first here, much more before competitors.

Look, it seems as a Formula-1 race! With additional option to remain product and venicle safe 8-) .

So this is a man-face Marketing. The painting focused on that side and represents a mnemonic code to understand the process, and also to think more about it.





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