#15 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Fear and Courage Discussing a Problem”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 30 August 2012 at 02:43 PM

Everyone know how it`s hard to face a problem. Small problems could annoyes us but the big poblem with long history turns us to feel fear and want to cover it for a long, long time, probably forever. We all hope problems`ll decrease if we cover it… it doesn`t work.

As long as we hide a poblem it goes bigger, became more complicated, produces more post-reasons and may be growths into anothers. That way  we seeds our future instinktively and practice proves it`s not the best future we all want for ourselves, for our lovers, relatives, business… for everything includs our pets.

This is a barrier between consciousness and subconsciousness inside a person. The same barrier has another people so when we try to discuss problems in case to resolve it we feel the barrier. It`s not easy to overcome it. Double barrier from two people involved is enough to make Fear. We all feel fear as we see the reality doesn`t the same as our ideal. Sometimes we could realize information we could`t accept. It could change us, made us into uncontrollable changes and we feel fear to fall into parts, to be desintegrated that way… once we want to close it and forget, or force the situation to cover… and to turn it to be more destructive, turn it to death.

However we could treat it despite of our feelings of unsecure as fa as we want to create better future to ouselves.

So it`s need a Courage to penetrate into problem, to split it into parts we feel important to save, another parts we want to grow and determine parts which need corrections or to be under controll. May be we realize parts which poisons us. That way we turns ourselves to live more healthy life, to have better future.

That AB painting deducates to the first step into resolving, first step to intergation - to have a Courage to start a discussion, to put it into a dialog and to overcome our Fear in it.


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