1 1/2 Weeks of Troubles
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 March 2012 at 11:50 AM

Last 10 dayes was full of computer`s troubles. First my working comp said "Oops!" and was off. Reason? I don`t know! It was off with monitor so I was forced to open it and check why it did it. 

I`m not familiar with computers inside so it was stress to open it, to find a way to disconnect both vinchesters and to put it into external rider to save information I worked. Fortunately I gained it, but then my printer said "Good bye". I failed to research why and tryed to use my reserve comp with reserve monitor. Both didn`t work. It was a little bit strange and I wasted about a day trying to make it work. No result. Then I realized my laptop could work with Skype only but no internet search and no mail service. Oh my God! Why? Why it was in the same time?.. I wasn`t turned grey because of strong nervous, yoga and hope to survive somehow. So my cabinet seems as a cave of coder with vinchesters, monitors and others computer details lying everywhere. Thanks God my comp-master FreeCat helped me to bring to life the laptop so I remains strong respect to Samsung products. In painting it was a progress so I count lats 10 dayes fruitful in off-line projects and other real activities such as using 6 screw-drivers to tear vinchesters etc. smile

Hmm…....you had a bad time but happy to know that at last you were able to overcome that condition. Itís really true that Samsung products perform well at always. Thanks mate. smile

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