2012 Gallery, #1: Mnemosyne Tired Inside Memory Card
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 February 2012 at 10:26 AM

In modern  world we have technical level over sci-fi writers could imagine. During last 20 years progress of memory devices runs from big 5 inch disc (1,2 Mb) to MSD cards of novadayes, small size containers of more then 64 Gb. We all depend of memory. Today our devices takes the great part of informational storage and therefore we depend from it.

It turns me to the idea about what is our own human memory.

Mnemosyne is Ancient Greecs goddess of memory (Wiki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mnemosyne  ) According to the myth Mnemosyne gives birth to 9 Musas functionally suports all branches of Human culture. Symbolically it means our Memory is the sourse of our future and past and it`s true. That`s why victorious agressors seeks to erise native history, native languiges and remembering of late freedom of a beaten side. Mnemosyne as a Live memory with it`s emotions, life experience, feelings, body languige, information datas used to live inside people. And now it moves into memory cards.

Due to more and more capasity of memory cards people wants to make it fill as fast as it possible. Trying to increase their life experiance they make more and more pictures, faster and faster, and memory cards stores it more then human memory could. But our own live memory is the same as in ancient dayes, it needs more time to relive and absorb life experience. So in fact placing more and more datas inside memory cards people have less self experience, less self existence, less own remembrance, less possibility to think about and therefore less life being in illusion they have more. Such a paradox!

I`m not act against technical progress, actually I like it. But I strongly belive then Human personality bases on possibility to think about life experience, relive it, analize it, possibility to make own opinion, and never depends from the speed people makes pictures, fills memory cards and downloads it to internet.

Mnemosyne today works much more then in Ancient times, but she is really tired storing herself into memory cards.





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