#2 AB Painting 2013, LifeHack Seria: Start to Awakening
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 11 February 2013 at 02:05 AM

#1 AB Painting of that year named "Too Long Waiting" and the second represents the next stage of the process - start to awakening.

Such points is not an opposite ones as it seems from the first glance. Sometimes waiting is so important then we have no right to indulg own anxiety, tiredness or boredom, even to pain in asleep muscles. Such waiting have to finish just in time make internal processes completed. So the next stage could be after the previous becomes old and so gently loss of energy then next step literary explodes out it.

What is the main characters of the Awakening stage just at the point it begins? Probably it`s an explosion of relief and strong feeling of fresh energy. Old shells broked and it`s peaces fuzzes out.

But the feelings of loss, sometimes painful, comes simultaneously. Old borders covers so many things - habits, chains of smallest things, connections with surrounding, also readiness to stress. Losing that border, being open to something new flowering right now, we partly lost our immunity to pains of life. Our skin of events now is so thick then every scretch feels as a wound.

That way we confirm our price to be attended to the next evolutionary step - to be involved in something flowing in the best, as we hope, future. Pain and pleasure, statics and dinamics are the borders of Awakening.

Then, learning different state, we accept it, agree with it`s strange conditions, partly in joy - partly in pain, dinamically changing, but with one foot in solid past…

Just at the start we feel ready to sacrifice our blood to next day.

This is Start to Awakening.






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