#3 AB Painting 2013, LifeHack Seria: Past-in-Future in Now
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 12 February 2013 at 02:23 PM

Time is the line with transperecy in Future and past and ideally with a golden point (from Taoists terminology) in which Perfect Human actualises  him/ herself. This is the perfect balance between parts of our past and future just to make a kind of balance to the central Here-and-Now point in which we actually live.

Although many books and wise people and commercial coachs too advices to live Here-n-Now style it`s really hard to achieve because of the difficulties to gain the perfect balance between time line points influents us. First of all, according to Art of War (one of my favourite books) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_of_War a person needs to know himself and to know an enemy and so to win. How many people interesting to learn ust about themselves?.. So a huge part of influence of their Past could be hidden and so be more powerful to change lifepath.

With knowledge about own Future is the same - it consists from parts not very good designed to neighbour each others. So one part could be opposite to another, some plans could be unreal - anothers hardly to be real because it costs too much.

During our life we realize part by part, bit by bit, step by step that we are not alone in our body and sometimes strange shadows take the rule.

Sometimes we learn it from joy, but more friquently by suffer. We realize shadows of Past when we make a choice based of previous mistakes but not on the actual sitation.

Sometimes we realize how our picture of Future made us exhausted when we try to catch illusions, for example to gain glamoure magazines lifestyle.

So the moment we learn about ourselves that true who and how influent our reality and change it all time, this is the first step for the Here-and-Now Gold Point life, to be healthy, happy and free.





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