A Color of Clouds
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 June 2010 at 09:48 PM

The most beautiful and perfect thing I have ever seen is clouds. This is today sunrise.

The greatest panorama greets from my 21-floor window: infinity of green forests, nearly prominent skyline and very small number of houses. And the clouds spreads over that glory. 

Just choose the color! Pink? It is the blush on the cloud`s tummys when the sun just going to rise. It happens about 5 o`clock in summer and hardly ever seen in winter. This pink as if it lightly violet, and lilac, with slightly inkling to a drowsy mist.

In the daytime the same basic pink color has changed. It has been just impregnating by in-between tints of honey, from slightly yellow to deepest, sweetest shadows. Bright-rose color has been only on the edges of clouds. It`s shadow as if ruddy, mellow apple.

On the surest the pink color of clouds has changed in the third time. Now it is glutted by crimson splashes, filled by bright-orange on their edges.

Who said that fluorescent colors are unfamiliar in the nature? All of that colors are here! You can paint the evening clouds by a simple office highlighter, and the colors will be true. At that time clouds as if they flaming from inside, especially from their back side.

Let`s see to another colors. How about blue? This is the deep-deep sky. The endless deep-blue far away, then it is slightly dashed by light-yellow-green. It`s shadow so light than will determined only by experienced eye. By homely glance you can see not more than water down blue as if you mixed white color with general blue. But look attentively to that shadow, it is not nearly white!

Here it is all gradations of milk, from transparent-white to drawn-milk color. And in inaccessible height blue color becomes bright and deep dark blue.


My love to the clouds is a gleam of desire to see a virgin perfection. It makes me happy. It protect me from dingy, grip, commonplace, powerless and flat human society`s colors.


Awesome article. The visual content shown here is actually of quite high quality. I am going to take this site much more often

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