Ab Painting#9: Adizes`s system; The Courtship Stage
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 May 2013 at 01:13 AM

Today I would like to present you the next stage of Lifecycle Curve by Dr.Adizes - in his terms it calls "The Courtship Stage" and actually situated in the first position of the curve. Undoubtfully we all know what`s it means!

In that point a Founder of a organization, or a beginner of a family, or an inventor starts to talk about his/her ideas to attract other people to that activity. Here it is several special moments. First of all after Founder`s Dream we have no clear understanding what exactly it will be in reality. We just feel the Call to realization and have our exiting memory about the Dream as a source of energy.

It`s an Ideal image of course. Covered by mask like geisha`s make up, being uncertain but represents main parts of an Idea… It`s so attractive to the Founder! So it calls to be told about. It calls to be discussed. Even to be the reason to seduce. This is the power of dreams and ideals our subconsciousness needs to keep us moving. And we do it all time.

It is really helpful to share ideas with right people. Because just by talking it becames more real, more detailed, more understandable. We feel it and when our audience becames interested in, such attention brings us the power to create something new. We all need such power, because new things doesn`t comes easily. So we need to make a dream more attractive, think about the best more and more…

...and drop out even a hint to another side of the process. The same way works falling in love. The same being involve in a mission. Well, our world isn`t easy so we need a courage of Ideals to keep moving and do so many things. We need such idealistic view from the beginning, so this is the base of the Courtship stage.

Just think about what exactly we could tell for another person. It is not easy too. Our excitement and emotions drives us and could be transmitted. But also we need right words to create an image of successful result in another`s mind. Advertisment do it scientifically, based on many researches, now even in neuroscience. But it is not available in avarage so in the Courtship stage it is nesessary to provide our assure with right logical construction. If it build good, other people could understand it, keep in their memory and so has own motivation to be involved.

Several spirals on the painting represent successful text construction wich could encourage people to participate the future process. Oh yes, this is the power of motivation! Why it based on words? I have read a big scientific research by prof. Porshnev, about 800 pages of researches I have to read several times before understand it. So the result shows how our brain works and what words means to us. Human have special brain structures to be literary hypnotized by words. We all have possibility to make another`s words as our own brain construction and so tranfmitt it into internal reality.

So words could really turn the world. And do it.

Words is at the start.

Sometimes we can`t understand the core of a project. Also details could be more attractive then the main product. So the Ideal Image on the Courtship stage has jewelry, gold pendants or something like that. When I learn the Japanese Geisha institute i payed my attention on such details - pendants, hair pins etc. It really works making image fluctuating as a water surface and so much more attractive because we can`t catch it easily in it`s movements.

The same way works attractive details of a project. We all want jewelry as a part of imagination wich turns the world.

So here it is the result.

The Courtship stage is share of hopes and plans, share emotions and benefits. It keeps energy and made the flow of information from inside to outside. It persuade people and make them involved. And it covers any uncertain cases because we need our dreams in ideal way just to keep moving.

And after all we do real things!

So wish you keep your dreams, discuss it with right people and feel own power to bring something important to the world!





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