AB Painting #6, 2013: The Ideal Manager, by Dr.Adizes theory
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 25 April 2013 at 05:28 PM

Last year I was lucky to learn Dr.Ichak Adizes lidership theory. You can see his well known institute here www.adizes.com  . It is not easy to collect all information about management exists to the present moment and then clean it from mass, and summarise the core elements into system.

Dr.Adizes provides leaders with the tools, resources and support to accelerate strategic change and deliver exceptional sustainable results.  Since 1971 Adizes Associates around the world have worked to transform organizations in over 50 countries that range from the Global 100 to start-ups. I learnt the system by his video lectures, being hypnotized by it`s exceptional beauty. The same beauty I learnt in Physics! The same divine beauty of core things, the base of our livings, equal to everything from life cycle of an organization to human life.

I was so excited by it. And now I started to accumulate both knowledge and image into one art.

Dr.Adizes extract 4 base functions of managment: Produce - doing things; Administration - made the order to all processes; Enterpreneur - to found new things and future creation; and the last one - Integration - the art of listening, putting together, making the fabric from many threads. Dr.Adizes told, the Ideal Manager with all 100% functions doesn`t exist, because nobody could perform all full function in one time. Because functions undermined each others.

It was the base I started to see something in my mind. Because an Ideal Manager, Ideal Leader with full code PAEI actually Exists.

...And I started to paint.

Such question - from what source everything comes? How everything works? What a purpose? What is an ideal result? How it comes from an Idea to many things? - I have from my childhood. I dedicated about 20 years investigating sacred books of many religions, practicing mortial arts (now just Yoga) and meditation, concentration and even my physics study based on that questions.

I founded the answer. That `s why when I saw Dr.Adizes`s lectures I felt the fragrant of the Answer in it. It works. The theory was so beautiful and correct by it`s construction, then I fall in love with it.

As you feel once what is it - the great Idea which comes to your heart and mind in it`s basic natural form - you feel it`s lighting. The core lights as a sun and many cases comes just from the Main Reason, Main Law. Adizes`s methodology has is - such lighting.

...Because it describes in one formulas all things around - from human relationships to life of an organization. That`s why on my painting you can see two human figures and also Adizes`s Ideal Structure to an Organization (for a family or personal growth it is the same). You can see the structure here. In bases on Mutual Trust and Respect culture, and Dr.Adizes told the basic elements to construct such Cultura: right people, Right process, Right structure and Common Values and Vision. It seems so simple. But remember - the Hydrogen atom seems also simple, and it forms a huge part of our Universe.

Such a beauty! The same beauty as Maxwell equation in physics. My heart was dancing while I felt it. That`s the voice of truth.

As Human figures and Ideal Organization formula takes plase between palms of the Ideal Manager.

All broken, disstructured things, details without purpose, particular parts of who knows what - such things is on the periphery of the Ideal Manager. It`s a kind of raw matherial to a new universe, or old parts to be recycled. Everything turns into Life Cycle here, and the Ideal Manager manage it.

I was excited painting that Art. I turn on TV to relearn Dr.Adizes`s lectures. And I realized thet all of his system could be put into painting to point people right decision, and to support the process of education with imagination. This it the core things to my mission. That`s why I did the first painting even being hald-sleeping during current CyberWar project.

So this is the result. I showed it to Dr.Ichak Adizes before present it here for you. So he was the first who saw it.

Because I think about him as a kind of co`author, the Narrator of that story, and it will be on the title of that painting. Just realize it. People, politicians, systems, idols, ideas - everything is forgetable in our world. But Art objects with all of it`s attributes has alwayr kept by collectors, museums etc. Once created it starts to live. Forewer!

That`s why I want to use my Art to maintain great Ideas of great people. I want such Ideas spread more and more, and be voluable more by it`s Art representation.

Great people who has great Ideas to mankind, I hope they will be my co-authors, narrators to my painting.

Yes, I have so many ideas by myself. But also I want to support with my power for such ideas which really helps. Better never paint stupid still life paintings, but spent the precious life time to support and make visual such Great Ideas. This is the honor. This is the Target. A do it as the co-author of the Ideal Manager, so the power will growth each time I will finish a project. I see it. And I do it.


This is The Ideal Manager who actually exists. Feel Him or Her. Breath such Energy. Imagine how core formulas turns our world, and how your knowledge allow you to be a co-author of thet great Manager.

The painting is big size 80X100 cm in my unique technigue and it`s lighting from inside.

So beautiful then I love it by myself…

Long happy live! smile

Your answer was just what I nedeed. It’s made my day!

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