AB Paintings #4-5: Thousands Waves of Corfu
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 01 April 2013 at 07:21 AM

Here it is the lond waiting result for my painting started in October 2012. It was my rememberence about Corfu, waves and so clear waters, so blue and lively, then I could starring to it for hours. The paintings started independent but then became in a diptych.


I love Liapades bay because it`s stones and rocks along the seashore and I swam along it, and have my rest on rocks, sleeping. So lovely time, so lovely place, and gentle sun plays with shining waters.

Sea is the only thing I love in any state - dark blue, with big waves, with small waves green, and still waters of early morning, all transparent in light blue and emerald.

When sun comes up near the afternoon waves becomes bigger and splashes more, and air become moving.

Then I started to dream on my special Domestic Rock. Oh yes, I have one rock along the bay, white among sand colour rocks, and Greec governmend never know it`s my property. That rock is sutable to lie, because the top is flat with small angle. Sun warms the Domestic Rock and it becomes the best place to have my rest, to sleep or to starring how blue waters plays, and how small fishes swim here and there.

Lovely place to dreams, lovely time to recharge my batteries and I am happy to have it every summer. Summer is closer now smile


So now I finished with early projects and pay my attention to my new big one only, see you!







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