AB Paintng 2011: “A Glass Prison”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 October 2011 at 12:12 PM

It`s hard to explain what`s it: to feel a glass prison.

My normal state is the feeling of extantion as if my unvisible spirit-body let me to  touch clouds and stars, my ears can hear more then surrounding sounds, it hears the movement of galaxies higher, higher. In that state my mind contains knowledge how the world growth, and feel many things one time. Amazing state. And sometimes I lost it.

As it happens I feel how a glass prison separates me from all world. Invisible, sound-knowledge-proof prison, a glass box with so small size then my physical body feels pressure, and although I am healthy I started to choke. That time I want to fight with glass walls, but vainly, there is no solid walls. I feel myself in the bottom of deep narrow well. That time I have to control my breath and mind and restrict my thrist to return my original state, or to be out of that game and leave that flat narrow place of dingy colors and limitations.

Yoga and music helps me to relive it. After several  hours or several dayes the walls of the glass prison started to thin and disappired as a sugar candy. As Heavens opens my glass prison dissolves until it will be next time.


Thanks for posting my poem, “The World Needs You Now” - with special thanks for keeping the line breaks as they should be and maintaining the form and energy of the words. This painting is wonderful! Such freedom and exaltation. I don’t get a feel for the prison, only the limitlessness that you experience after dissolution and return to original grace! Pls visit me at my blog and see how I use art with my poetry. Would you let me feature this painting at some point, of course, with credit to you and link to your site?

thank you for visit and your kind words. Your poem is brilliant and so helpful to listen such words in right time so I recited it here to remind it for myself in dark times.
Using poetry and art together you make words sounds inside people`s souls. As you want to use my paintings to support your poetry it`s great, do it! Pls let me know about your ideas. I subscribed for your blog so hopes to receive news about your great work!

thanks good for topic

Amazing post. The graphic content presented here is of pretty great quality. I am going to make use of this web page more frequently

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