Acclimatization in several dayes
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 August 2012 at 11:14 AM

OK, the hot news for today is I am pretty good and ready to an active something. Last several dayes I have negotiations etc planing my new year season:

Last several dayes it was many changes in weather, my mood and health was also unstable so the acclimatization was prepared that way. The weather jumped from warm sweet pleasant to walk in my park:

... to dull raining! What could we do if it`s so heavy clouds over your head?..

... and then turned to windy with my headache:

It was too much for one day so as I overcome it I felt a wish to play my Guzhent tonight just to express unclear feelings:

Next day I had negotiations and then force myself to go out and have something to eat outside just as my friend Stathis told me:

Of course it was a chokolate cake and also I bought a book about Asian Art Museum in France and couldn`t wait with it so started to read in cafe:

Sharing attention between the book and chokolate cake I observed the evidencies hoe Greek culture influenced Asian especially in Gandhara period so the statues of Afganistan and India was very similar with Greeks style:

That everning windy cold weather somehow turned warmer:

It was clear beautiful sunset I saw from my window:

Step by step sunset was off:

So that day I assesed the acclimatization was nearly finished and prepared to everything glorious deeds.













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