Changes, Actions, Procrastination: How to Handle
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 September 2015 at 02:48 AM

Hello everybody, today you can share new Climate motivators with ancient Chinese proverbs. It underlines the fact mankind meet the same problems all of the time so it needs to pay atention now.

Changes is life, life is changes. Sometimes we are procrastinating, yes?


Matched Wallpapers about it:


We all are trying to avoid changes as long as it possible, procrastinating actions, trying to save energy of our body and brain. This is not something about one but scientifically proved truth about everyone. Our brain part which is making decisions in changing environments eats more then 25% of the whole body energy budget. Uncertain made us think much more, wasting energy. In dead hunger times of our anchestors it means death from hnger. Our bodies monitor it and try to resist with procrastination until sotuation became more clear. This is biological mechanics to cut our expensies in brain work. So we all have it. The point is, in certain situation we  must move and act.

Today this is the proved fact, Climate Change is real. We meet it this summer with heat waves, unusual even for hot countries. So it needs to stop procrastination and to pay attention to the reality.

PG Cat`s project was specially designed on the base of United Nation Millenium Development Goals and Sustainabe development education. It allows people to take actiions without so much energy losses. It means, just sharing climate pictures as much as it possible you are acting. Density of climate information will work and when more people admit it, technology starts to resolve our great problems. That`s how it works.

So, take seriously the fact of PG Cat`s activity. It was designed to allow big numbers of people to be informed and involved in Climate actions in easy, non-stress way.

Increasing density of attractive and simple Climate information we all are working to reduce procrastination in Antifragile way, without energy losses. That`s why, to gain more downloads, it needs to keep posts within a week without changes to allow partner sites to offer this information from their front pages. So more people could download the pictures and share it.

If you want to take Climate action, the most easy way is to download full sized Motivators or Wallpapers and share it with more people by personal social network or personal connections. Also you can copy the links and share it on special forums with description what is it and how it works. More easy to access climate information, more people involved. This is the best preparation to the greatest climate event in december 2015. Stay with us, win better future, make you impact in Antifragile way!





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