Changes with my tea
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 August 2012 at 11:39 AM

Tea ceremony (very short variant) is a significant part of my life. I like tea itself, but not less- accessories and the pocess. So I arranged the trevel tea set and bought it here, to Corfu.

Although I choose everything from many others (I have a lot of tea ceremony accessories and happy with it! 8-)  ) and the set looks nice in my home, here at Corfu it seemed unharmony,  less appropriate to the environment and coused me a little bit upset so I didn`t realize what`s the reason. And once I catched it! My japanese half-moon form tea taray was unrelative to here. So I went to Corfu town in hope to find the best… and I found it! smile))

The small thing from olive tree with an elegance wave-shape wasnt` a tea tray exactly, but it ideally suits for the small set:

The result of so small changing overcomes all expectations! The new tea tray is small, for one teapot anf one cup only, but it literary sounds in precious accord with this atmosphere, with mountings I see from my balcony, with trees and sea, sounds with everything. So the small chenge show me how it`s important to invite local things in your life to make it shining.





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