Chosen Time to Project Work
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 02 August 2013 at 01:50 AM

Sometimes I am wondering how it`s impotant to choose the right time and right instruments for the special work. My project work is special so I choose a notebook and other instruments with care.

It was intuitive but very symbolically to choose the notebook with WATER on the cover among more then 50 different notebooks I have at home. So my choice is really good. It works because the best moments to develop the pocess starts when I am near the sea or on my Office Rock.

That season sky have clouds, a rare thing in july and august. It is so beautiful in the everning, also at the day time, so clouds is also a kind of water. Now I carry the next project, just created, I can`t say more now but it is the next stage afte CyberWar I-II and the next one. So… I am happy. Everything wil starts the moment I will be back from my holidays, and I have abut 2 weeks before to be happy here, between water and sky.

...Now I am sitting in Cricketer taverna because it was poor internet in my room, several Greecs louthes on my back having their late meal and chatting. I am surrounded by such a lively atmosphere than all math project thoughts disappeared from my head, it`s impossible to think about abstract things while they are so lively in their everning pleasures of communication. It seems Greek`s live language win the competitions with Greek letters of math in the article I was trying to analize.

Also my batteries is near the finish so I will be back to my room and see, did Nocos really fixed the connection or I should go to bed.






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