Climate change: the first day in Greece
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 17 July 2014 at 01:16 AM

Hello everybody, I`ve arrived to Liapades,Corfu that morning. The first post from here should be about beauty of the bay and happiness, however this is about climate change. Real experience from real life.

just in half an hour it was 15-min heavy rain. My friends, Greecs, say this is incredible. Rain in the middle of July? In Corfu?

Normally it should be hot, hot and very hot.

(It was hot at the daytime actually, so I took my chance to brown my skin sleeping on my favourite rock in the sea.

Now it is wet, a little bit cold and definitely not the lovely time to swim. This is lovely time to found a good blanket.)

So back to the rain.

From my own Greece experience this is the first time too. Pity I can`t picture the sea, because it is dark night here. I will listen to the waves to found if the sea calm or not.

However this is the best hello to my Climate Change project for which I am working right now instead of sweet sleeping.

The air is wet so I save my camera, iPhone, video camera and laptop instead of my body so now I have  the snuffles and sneeze. Such an irony! Just yesterday, preparing the trip, I dropped out warm things and umbrella to save place for canvas.

Nevetherless, the second part of the project comes healthy, God payes attention for the blogging matherials and I now have my right to go to sleep.






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