Climate Change Project: about 70% of shooting has done
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 July 2014 at 12:10 AM

Today I checked what was done for the project. Thanks god, that time I did all protokols so I can just make marks and don`t check every movie. Actually it is more then 60 Gb of raw matherials, about 70% of subjects in 4,5 days.

I was in hurry trying to make as much as it possible before my brother Alex arrive so I will be able to spend time with him without annoying cameras.

It seems the plan is succeeded.

My travel laptop isn`t strong enough to play such a hi quality video as I did, I even tryed some blue ray quality for the best parts of the sea. So I can`t check every part of raw matherial, may be it is for good otherwise I would be tired much more. So I have my orientation by protokols I did for every shooting 1/2 day. Hopes everything will be ok.

I have so many adventures and mesmerising pictures during that 4,5 days so I will blog about it for months. It was so sweet to be so concentrated to the sea, feeling lights and colors play beautiful pictures. Now when I make the pause before the second stage of the project I feel myself empty and a little bit sad. Such pause is vital to change the mind set for analitics needs for the next stage. So I do it.

For this I didn`t visit the sea today, even force myself not to think about it. If I did, I would like to swim to my stone in the sea and spent hours glancing to the sea instead.

No time for it, I must make the transition for the second part. WIll be ready in a day, I hope.

Now I am sitting in Cricketer Taverna, Liapades beach hotel, nicely fed with vegetarian food, partly sleepy.

As I have to do some more job and organize several things for tomorrow, I put earphones with "The Game of Thrones" soundtrack in order to make me work. Lol, the same as drums for oars of galleys, of for soldiers. Anyway it works. I feel myself better and diferent.

Just to finish the post… bye for now, dear friends! smile





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