Climate Change Project: Sun, Clouds, Rain
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 July 2014 at 01:34 PM

Hello, I am here with quick report about incredible changes in weather I am witnessing and filming here at Corfu. According to my Greec friends, nobody see the same at that time. The best example is nearest days. This is my work yesterday morning:

Yesterday morning the sea was fantastic. It seems like a silk, so transparent, so soft and sweet. Sometimes I persuaded myself this is the reality, not a computer model.

Blue clear sky, normal for that time of the year, cheers!

(I bought the bottle with camomile tea with myself to the stome I did film so be sure it wasn`t a wine). So, clear sky, cheers!

Just after several hours, at the day time< I saw reall strange picture from my room. A huge cloud, with abnomal shape, very long, moved fast over the mountain.

The upper part of the cloud was soft and sweet, but the lower part seemed to be wet. I suspected it was some fog, may be rain on the top of the mountain.

I grabbed my cameras and run to the beach to witness what`s going on. It was big waves on the sea. Just compare with the first two pictures to realize how huge was the differencies!

The long cloud moved faster and seemed endless. it becomes darker while the waves sterted to flood the beach.

More and more waves, more high, and more darkness at the sky.

At the end of the day we listened heavy waves beating the beach. Air became wet and I saved my cameras from it.

Today morning I woke up with strange feeling. It was wet, fog, a little bit dark and no sun. And no sound of heavy waves. I grabbed my cameras and thanks god the rain cover to one of it (and nothing for myself), and run to the beach.

The waves was heavy but not so high as yesterday. THen heavy rein stated so I was lucky to found the only protective umbrella at the beach.

The rain was incredible heavy so I wasn`t able to make a step from the umbrella. Waves became more long, twice my camera`s stand was near the drop. The reason revealed soon: while heavy waves flood me from the front, water flood caused by rain watered me from the back!

I was blocked between three wate forces: sea waves, rain flood and the rain itself, still heavy, so I started to worry about the rain cover for the video camera, lack of safe for the second camera I made pictures simultaneously and zero protection for myself. The rain seemes long time, I was wet and the water was cold.

It was the best decision to stay at the umbrella and don`t try to run home, so I did it.

Such a wise decision make a nice present to me when the rain stopped. I willl show the most beautiful pictures in the next post.

Now I am ready to make transition the video matherials from microSD, then to take care with hot tea to keep myself healthy.

Cheers, see you!






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