Countdown: last 5 days
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 09 August 2013 at 08:52 AM

Everytime I visit Corfu I have the hard moments just to recognize my time is near over. It was intolerably at my first visit 5 years ago, very bad at my second visit. But then I realized everything is in my hands.

IN my third visit it was pretty ok, painful but I adjusted for it. It was a kind of stress everyone has after holidays finish but in addition to it I was starving to the sea and open space. The fourth time, last yea, it was a kind of relief, unplesant but acceptable. Because my Greek friends ancouage me and greet. I dropped all of my laggage here, in Liapades, to my friend Anila who halped me whith it. So I felt a kind of satisfaction t have my things still here as a guaranty of my return.

Now at my fifth time I started to plan my depature making downcount of days at my iPhone app. It is s unpleasant so helpful, so now I am nearly ready to it. It is good. I plan how to pack everything so it will not be a hurry, making a big stress in last night. I started to wake up ealier so have a good everyday siesta and early night sleeping so fiil much less nevous about it.

Also my projects call me all time, it needs my presence in Moscow to produce it so I feel importance of my move and… so it better.

That post is a kind of nostalgy and then I will be ready to nomal function. I have a lot to tell about here and also a lot things to do, for example I plan to swim with my camera to my Office rock and shot a film. So the life is good!






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