CyberWar Art Project: Next Step is ready
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 April 2013 at 04:19 PM

OK, Now I have 14 AB objects ready to CyberWar Art project, 12 paintings for Section 1 and 2 for Section 2. Also I did 2 additional paintings deducates to another subjects… Multiple choice is the way multiple brai works! smile

Actually I feel a kind of pressure inside when I avoid to gain additional goals while I have a small rest from the general project. Making multiple choice that was means my subconsciousness work together with consciousness, making additional projects done in my mind before I have a time to realize it alive. It was a pain when many years ago I tryed to act as many people do - to do just one thing one time. But our brain has more, much more natural possibilities! As an additional project`s finished in my mind I feel a pause in current work, have a break and then, feeling refreshed, start to do the ready just from subconsciousness new one.

Sometimes I think about how it could be to see how exactly such processes works on MRT or something like that. May be I`ll be offered to take part in science brain investigation, it will be interesting for sure. Because as I feel something is ready I never do detailed sketches, or write a text without corrections. And without noisy thoughts too. Just clear crystal mind and my movement. Just move in divine balance, doesn`t matter whatever it is - painting, drawinf, ink sketches or text writing. No thoughts. Only movement of fingers and hands. Only keep breathing (sometimes I stop breath for 1-2 min). And feel divine equilibrium whet everything goes pretty perfect and just in time.

This divinity I feel in my painting. Nothing desturb me. Nothing could interrupt or make mass. Everything works in the same divine order as gravitation make things drops obeying beautiful natural order, represents by formulas.

How I love it!

Among all things in the worls, just three is always divine perfect: painting, dancing and sea.





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