CYberWar: Process in progress
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 April 2013 at 11:17 PM

What`s a mystery creation is? Right thing in right time, when many small possibilities comes together, I feel the Matrix of possible continuum just ready to be born.

It`s a kind of mind extension people never try if they don`t attend to such feelings: to feel music isn`t sounded, and paintings isn`t painted yet. I saw full seria in one moment, felt how it could be constructed and breath. So I know it as faces of ald friends when I started to create it. So I started several pictures in one time to feel less tension, because at least 26 knocked inside demanding to be born, waiting in line until I do it.

One by one it will be 40 paintings… and one big project after it, and now, today, I started to feel another one about Dr. Adizes methodology… I will do 2 paintins to it next week. So it`s about 50-60 paintings in my head and i feel… I feel myself good. The mission started, all of my skills are prepared and the road ahead is clear so I do it. I will do it at all.

Due to the subject the Cyber War project will be officially presented in May and in that blog you could see the process in progress day by day, step by step.





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