Ecological Story
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 11 August 2013 at 08:30 AM

Hello friends, today here it is a story about ecological changes and interventions. That season at Corfu the sea is so calm, sometimes waveless, uncredibly clear, so I see several changes in it.

For example I saw at least 3 kinds of fishes new for me, I`d never seen it before although I swam every day every one Corfu-month from last 5 years and every time try to check what happens in the water. Usually I visit Corfu that time so I can see news and changes in compare with other seasons. Fish growth faster, now schols of different kinds of fishes swim close to our seashore. Sometimes it seems as I swim in aquarium because fishes seems familiar to the ones in pet shops. Different sizes, from smallest about 2 cm to well-fed 30 cm everyone looks wonderful, elegant, beautiful colours reveals when sunlight touches it. Ones sunlight view bright yellow with gentle blue stripes colour of fishes I used to think just easy grey. It is so wonderful, so magic! Once I was inside a school of fish from 20 to 30 cm length. It was exciting and a little bit strange when the school started to turn direction. As I saw it from the side it was so unusual to see fish`s faces starring at me all together. They loocked at me for a while, then turned right and started their tavel forming a chain of fishes.

Many rocks here have holes, and sea creatures like it to make a safe place to live. It is many sea-urchins here, and thet season it was my competitors for my rock.

You can see it here, sitting comfortably on the pier of my Office Rock, making me troubles. I was tolerant for them and tryed don`t disturb it but once I touched and had several injures in my left hand, rather painfil. I couldn`t use my left hand for drawing about two days because it was too much painful. Ionically my previous hurt in left hand started be better, may be because of poison of sea-urchin which my body tryed to handle.

So I decided to emove several sea-urchins from my pier with all care using an appopriate tool from that place. I founded a long shell and tryed to remove a sea-urchin by it. Then I was a witness how the system works and how a light touch to such creatures produced pain for several days.

I`ve just touch a sea-urchin by the shell then it seems the sea-urchin moved forward quickly and stuck it`s needles to the soft inside of the shell. Needles broke and see it? A lot of needl`s peaces now is in the shell! I imagined such needles in my hand or feet and became untolerant to such creatures on my pier.

I removed several. The fist was stubborn and froze on the ock. But I was persistant and then it falls to the deep water. No doubts it made a kind of bad words on it`s sea-urchin language addressed to me. Next 4 sea-urchins accepted their fate and was removed easily. So they had theit chance to make a comission for their rights after my departure. Who knows may be next summer it will be a meeting of sea-urchins here, on my rock? I will take a big spoon to clean my territory from them.


There are many rocks around my Office Rock, with many holes in it to hide my equipment in order don`t carry it evey time. IN my last day I will swim for it and remove it to my laggage I drop here.

The rocks are everywhere so I have zero risk to reveal your my secret place!

Green water colour in the afternoon…

...and then I have to remain my healthy life and finish my presence on the rock, swim to the seashore and found shadow to continue my project work.

P.S. Then season here it is much more insects biting, also more birds. As I sleep at my balcony one small bird bothers me in the early morning with it`s attempts to stole my chokolate coockies. I would like to provide it with whole pack of coockies in oder it stop to pop noisily among my things near my head when I trying to keep my sweetest rest at 6 AM. But the bird is so good alarm so I can`t sleep after it and now I wake up helthy at 7 AM. smile





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