Even if you tired - never stop
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 April 2010 at 04:43 PM

Actually the point is how to continue to do the thing even if you are tired of it. It is true to said the hardest part of my projects has finished and I am glad to notice it!

  My friends said it seems as Anna is something like mashine, never stops and clealy know what to do. But many times I felt myself empty and lost. Several times it was so exhosting activity then I wished to close my eyes and forget everything.
The secret is to allow youself to have a rest for a while and then with samurai`s determination do it next time.
Now I completed 2 sites www.annamain.org and www.ann-mary.com . Next 2 projects are postponed for a small time but i designed it`s main idea.



I really liked reading your message. You have convinced me to subscribe to your blog, but where can I find the RSS feed?

I you go back to homepage, you’ll see the icon in the <a >factoring</a> address bar.

Pardon me, in the address bar.

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