Green-green sea in everning shadows
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 30 July 2013 at 11:41 PM

Hello everybody, I`ve just finished the book about microtrends and take a pause to think about several things I learned from it. Drawing is the best process to accompany thinking so… the everning time water changed colours from green to shadowed blue and steel. I made drawings till it was dark, trying to catch the direction of waves and how colours of sky reflected by sea surface. This is not a prospectful task to paint the sea, anyway the reality much more then I am able to do. But having such meditation I can feel it better, so I do it just for myself.

Then I went to the taverna in hope to have my everyday salad. Geec salad is my sweet everning outine here, at Corfu, and I like it that way.

Here it is my office. Portable lamp with 24 LED lamps is really helpful!

Everything to my work is here:

I am satisfied my new Holland poject generally planed, with details and directions. In fact I know what to do from my side so will be able to stat whan I arrive in Moscow.

So my holidays is poductive and I love it that way!







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