Green in Green in Green
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 05 December 2010 at 08:16 PM

I am preparing for painting several big pictures and until it`s ideas grows in my mind I have a small time to enjoy sunny green colours. This is the small watercolour picture with bamboo and sun.

It`s a special pleasure to be a master of internal weather. Outside of my home this is -15 degrees, dark, snow and clouds. But as I paint it`s another feelings. I literary touch leafs and trunks of bamboos, and sun rays flows in my internal space with a quiet melody. It flows as long as I paint the picture and when I finish the process it becomes something as portal into another space.

Usially I don`t remember how a picture was created. Actualli it is not natural to devide a creation process into steps. But sometimes it is useful to remember something fspecial I felt during the process. So I use a camera to fix the history and it is a real adventure to see how it was  appeared layer by layer, step by step.
There is the first step of painting "The Green Green Bamboo". As you can see it is nothing except water and several strokes. As I see it I am thinking how an idea turns into flesh and blood, a process alike several cells becomes an embryo. Some program exists, it contains every cell of the future body as information, but on that step the body itself doesn`t exist.

It`s a complete information and the first step of realization, an allusion to something will be.

On the 2 step you can see the characters of a bamboo.

3 step needs more shadows and something more thick, this is the grass.

4 step - more sun creates the main mood and energy of that space.

5 step: more details for bamboo trunks. As we are walking in a forest usially  we can`t see every tree with all details but perceive the general information. The same way is right to perceive the information from a picture.

6 step: more details and sun, shadows and grass.

7 step: this is the right time to paint the leafs and arms of the bamboo.

8 step: more shadows, more colours, more leafs, more everything. More details of the grass, of course.

...more spots of sun and reflexion.

Jk, this is the final step. The picture is small 15 X 20 cm but it contains the information. It`s a point of the mind to create a special feeling for relaxation.

This is it, and the work is now complete.

Thank you,this is aloof what i needed.I accept a presentation that I am aloof now alive on, and I accept been aggravating to acquisition such information.

Thanks for given a unchaste conduit and the practice, I am perfectly impressed!

Thank you,this is aloof what i needed.

I was literal glad to acquisition this parcelling.

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