The way towards Happiness: First report
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 January 2015 at 02:48 PM

Hello everybody, I`ve just finished my struggle with my new soft which tryed to convert and save all the pictures in blue colors. Nobody knows why, but everything seemed as Avatar copy so I spent an hour just to overcome it. This is the period of transition to the next level of work so I take it as it is.

Now I am working on video dedicates to upcoming Lunar New Year. Globalization bring us an amazing chance to touch wisdom and treasures of different culture. European culture adopting a lot of things from Asian and vice versa. You could be surprized to know, powder, paper, even several kinds of collar was adopted from China, the inventor of all of this. Now everyone knows Chinese zodiac, the system of animal symbols for each year, and news about Lunar new year appears in most media. It doesn`t matter everyone believe, but it matters the most part of Earth population share that information. we know from strict scientific research, if about 10% of people strongly believe in some information, the information spreads making bonds more and more. It means we are connected in the most intimate way which means collective subconsciousness. So this is the time to make it work for good.

What is Lunar New Year? It is natural celebration of season changing called "Spring Festival". We all are Earth citizens. We all depends on season changes. This is no planet B so as we are speaking about Lunar New Year we are speaking about stability in vital things. As we are keeping our wishes and our hopes for happiness we are speaking about sustainability in vital things.

Let`s have a glance through my new video screenshots which will be prepared soon to be shared and spreaded widely to celebrate people.

Lunar New Year, also called as Chinese New year are celebrating all over Asian country and more in the world. It makes it global. New Year will start at 19 of Fabruary 2015, however the moment is so important so celebration will starts 1-2 weeks earlier and will take about a month in Asian countries like China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan.

The Animal sign of 2015 year is Goat or Sheep. I am a Capricorn so personally prefer a Goat smile

I have my personal connections here. Having my anchestors from that part of the world I feel my connection with Asian culture. I felt the call from my childhood, searching for smallest drops of information inside Soviet damp system of closed possibilities. I read classical  Asian literature which I`d searched in closed libraries in my 14-teen. I worked in library to have my access to the books. Later, being a student of Physics, I also studied Chinese philosophy, Kung Fu, strategy, satin stitch embroidery, painting and some others. That`s not a study in Europeans meaning.

This is Asian Kung Fu - the hard work for knowledge with polish my character and soul to be ready for growth. I am still on the go. Everything I plan to do is more then I did and requires new approach and strong will to gain my aims. This is just a touch of basics why I am spending my time for it. This is important.

You could be wondered how all of this concerns my current work.

I can assure, everythind I am doing is linked with other tasks. For example, Lunar New year is the tradition to meet new season of growth with wishes of happiness.

Happiness! We all need it. While we are overcoming our obstacles to gain our aims, like an arrow, we want, need and can be happy. Happiness is the light which raises us from barbarian times for development. Our challenges are around, but we all are in the race for happiness.

This is why United Nation issuer World Happiness Report which I studied last year, during my Sustainable development education. Happiness is the base of life, the essense, the media, while our challenges should be our engine.

It brings us the nesessity to structure happiness (this task was started by UN Happiness report) and to have some universal symbols to keep our orientation.

I studied UN Happiness report, Asian culture of symbols and now I am trying put everything together in my film.

Sustainability in vital things is the base of happiness in all of human cultures. That`s why the historical measurement of matherial support, gold, represents everywhere all over the globe. Even our currency has gold equivalence. In Chinese culture it symbolically presented by gold ingots of specific  boat form:

But we live in times of post-industrial values. Information becames a power more then gold.

Our money becames a numbers in computers and cards, and Information, connections, media became the new treasure which is money-generated itself. That`s why I put small funny TV into traditional environment of warm colors, gold, red, deep orange.

 I will make several posts about the meanings of the video before I publush the video itself. I am doing it as a part of education to turn people for best understanding what`s going on, in order to make them oriented for happines with good support from both powers:  traditional symbols and modern scientific researchs.

To finish that post I would like to say, people, human beigs have a strong sourse of power. Both parts of our brain are redy to work to gain our aims and overcome challenges. We are strong in our potantial. And all we need is knowledge how to make it work. Let`s do it together.


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