Hidden Country of Waterfalls (my GOhua #7, 1 Album)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 January 2011 at 07:46 PM

Theoretically  practice could allow us to feel a subject deeper. It`s true if we do it carefully, watchfully and prevent ourselves from automatism. I gained it.

That picture is #7 in my first Gohua album and it is the first I truly understand how rocks grows and forms mountings, how water founds a way to form waterfall and what is the right place forms trees. I felt it so clear, more then i could feel a real landscape. That feelings is something  as reator of a world can feel during figuration of a real place.

I was captured by such feeling so much then  forget about everything. It was the first time I have to mix colors in the palette because I had no free attention to think about. This  thing is obvious for many painters but really new for me; so it was an interesting lesson too. Mountings dictate me how to help them to grow and to develope it, it was so dense concentration of time then I have to prepare all matherials before.

If you remember a real mountings it consists from different rocks. Sharp and smooth, triangular and square, vertical and nearly horizontal - every shapes are presented. Deep dark shadows and lines separates one shape from another… so I painted it.

Trees in the mountings are situated in hollows.

Water seeks fissures and falls down on the vertical parts of the rocks. When something accumulates on a highter place it collect all of it`s energy still and then in one moment all potencial energy becames kinetic and water falls down free, dividing into many streams and drops, down and down until is lost all energy and be calm in the next hollow.

When the picture was finished in general I started with the details using black ink. Details marks objects as more distant or closer to an observer but the most important thig is to make marks of attention. Black ink in the picture playes the same role as a director in orchesrtra: makes temp, impressions and the individuality of the performance.

The last thing for that picture was to paint mist and clouds. It means a morning time and a bit of cold but more it links us with something semi-visible and unvisible of our perception. Mist and clouds is the border between our mind and subconsciouness. The same border separates our own subconsciousness from collective one… and if we could gain that place all  mist disappears and opens a shining brilliant place of illuminate mind - place of infinity, consciousness, freedom and love.

We all want it and the first step is to see our own clouds and to overcome it. Ok, let`s see the clouds and mist!

Well, this is the final accord of the story. I was satisfied with this work itself  and it`s ne things I learned during the work.

I can refeel my first feelings when I see the picture therefore it is the window to something more I like and I would like to share it with you!

Beautifully written blog post. Delighted Iím able to discover a webpage with some insight plus a very good way of writing. You keep publishing and iím going to continue to keep reading.

Good web-site. I like your posting comments system.

Anna! What are you doing here!
Your painting is really amazing. I will save this copy of your painting.

Amazing painting! It’s really incredible dude. I have no more words to say.

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