IceQueen conquers Moscow
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 02 January 2011 at 07:35 PM

Several days we hawe a strange and beautiful situation here in Moscow. It seems as IceQueen conquers all city.

A week ago it was a sharp snow became a rain and strong cold wing together. During several hours snow became cold water covered all trees and froze immideately. It seemes as trees was prepared for a celebration of the New Year and ready to be beautify by lampions and Xmas garlands.

Every bruch of every tree was covered by strong ice package about 1,5-2 cm around, so every stick was overburdened.

Sticks and brunches is too heavy that the most part of trees and bushes in my district bent nearly horizontal position!

Just see that tree closer! It`s the state of every stick!

Several kind of the bushes are strong and it`s stiks are still vertical.

3-coloures ‘happy cat’  as we calls 3-colours cats takes cover here because nobody could find  way through iced bushes.

Most part of our trees  formed something like a tent. As a dog could find a way inside such ice- tent the master can`t do the same so our dogs are happy to have a place to hide. When  somebody  tryes to   insinuate here trees make a sound like crystal chandelier/

This is our new view. Have you ever see the same?

Well, tonight it is beautiful more than artificial decorations. Thay say trees will be alive in spring.

We should be painstaking and fussy in all the intelligence we give. We should be extraordinarily careful in giving guidance that we would not about of following ourselves. Most of all, we ought to refrain from giving advisor which we donít tag along when it damages those who woo assume us at our word.

Does the Moscow circus on ice really have bears play hockey?

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