InkSketch: First try then develop
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 February 2013 at 12:22 PM

That picture continues previous about Heart Desire. What happens if you found a way to develop your dream?

Are you ready to it? Becuse many people just want to touch their dream and then jump back, to the calm well known routine. Becausr it is the risk to develop your dream. Like Bilbo Baggins ("The Hobbit" ) have just one step ot the road and then the Adventure started, like you could overcome your natural habits and limits just trying to realize a dream. Sometimes people use dreams as a moon in a window - a thing pleasant to have sometwhere far away, but who wants Moon dropped to your bed? But anothers people realized the driving force, huge motivation power to actualize themselves when they make staps towards realization. And that times this is important to find somebody else.

Dream-develop partner is the bless bacause such way you will be less destructive and more sure in things doing and how it will be growth in natural way.

Just try it! Abandon worries, scratches, miss, and how uncomfortable you could feel yourself in new role.

Try it, because this is the best time and perfect place in presence of Universe, being in partnership as it should be.





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