InkSketch: From Obey to Freedom of Active Participation
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 March 2013 at 12:26 PM

WE know what`s it to feel free and actualize yourselve in natural way. But sometimes life itself requires from us abother behaviour, such as to overcome obstacles or obey orders no matter ready we for it or not. Something happens, world turns and then our freedom to do what we feel right seems ruined.

This is the flat understanding for those who know just two marginal positions: an absolute anarchy or dictatorship. Such way we loose the essence of evolution and movement from yesterday to tomorrow, because the process itself not so simple. Just to have a glance to it!

From the beginning everyone wants to live in own world doing just own business or doing nothing. Everyone expect the whole world turns to serve one`s feelings and save in the best way, so it seems as an ideal desired system for living. It seems right…

But actually it is wrong, absolutely wrong!

Because nothing could be stopped. Even if you have the desired world for a long time you became boring even about it`s perfection. So yesterday perfect world became unperfect next day, so changes will come.

Life changes and requests comes unwillingly and friquently seems not in our best time. For example I was ordered to learn violine in 5 years old, it was worse then Paganini has, and actually I didn`t like it, but something in me, inside, was recognized and so life (by hands of my mom and professionals claimed my absolute ears) made me to learn it. I wasn`t ready, but my brain was. So it was 9 years of training every day, train left hand to feel positions, feel memory to remember long concerts, train fingers for quickly punctual movements (because in violin 1 mm in fongers position means different thone), and also train everything works together to make music.

I wasn`t happy tht period just because I desired to paint. Because I feel painting or sculpture shapes in total before I do it, feel integrtive and absolutely free creative  that way. But music wasn`t integrative, it was just sound by sound wrote by somebody else, not me, so I felt myself prisoned to it. Nevetheless I used to be a good violin player being totally depressed the same time. I think it helps because violing is an ideal instrument to crying so it was correct.

Lets be back to think about the process!

After an obey heriod people have more rights and more possibilities and more resourses, so they begin to create desired world. They make home full of plesant things, with all comfort and people they loved. That time seems very close to the first dream about the ideal world, so we could ask why it not so stable, why life wants from us that and that and let us so small time to enjoy our new built paradise?

The answer is clear. When you comes to your stability, the best to feelings, you have a wish to freeze it. But if something not getting better, not changed, it started to get wrong. Like an isolated lake turnes to swamp with small changes in environment. So as we are prepared with our education, life experience, resourses and place for recovery, life starts to invite us to a new tasks.

But such invitation typically isn`t so  hard and fast as the previous time. Because that time life wants us to use our best for a mission with will.

That time we have to make a choice. To turn out of life and make own small busines as usual. That way we started to obey own inertia, also fears and weaknesses. So life could repeat the invitation harder later and so it will be the same obey but to opposite side, wich made us down to the first child position: internal resistance, external obey and so not very effective life.

Another strategy is for such souls which growth adult and could make wise decisions. That way we started to learn more about the new mission life invited us, started to be check our muscles is it ready to new attempts.

That time we needs to be sure in our abilities to act and concentrate to own resourses, making an inspection to reveal who we really are and what we actually have.

That way we could realize our muscles getting weak and needs some training. But with active position it`s not a strict order to obey, but our own will to make more.

Also such time required to put our customs of pleasures into another order. Some of them, being still attractive, should be put into background. That time you could need something else which supports your concentration to the mission.

...And then you will accept everything, being active, being free. That way people gowth to another targets and turnes the world, making changes, being consciously involved.

So you became the co-author of God instead of a lazy, scared person who can be just a slave.

This is the choice everyone make in life, sometimes small choice with small changes; sometimes a big one.

Although our muscles will pain, this is not right criteria to understand what happens. The right is to be vigilant is it turnes constructive changes, or destructive.

So this is pictures narrates the process of changes in life and our decisions how to act or not act with it.





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