My #11 2012; AB Marketing seria #4 “Marketing: Promotion”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 May 2012 at 10:01 AM

We all live in informational century so the point of delivery mentioned in previous painting is not so important. Promotion important more so that AB painting focused on it.

Nobody knows who was the first understood how dependent people are from their wishes, emotions etc. If they want something emotionally they pay less attention about the nature of desired thing, if it too expensive or have by-effects or not good, or have another qualities. Investigations by dr. Kahneman described in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow,_Fast_and_Slow  shows it clearly. So it was the idea to make things easy using such particular qualities in business.

So it was considered to influence people to make sale easily. Promotion do it perfectly by two ways: make the illusion of extra-attraction of a product and focused people wants it by mass media. That way perception was separated from a product and pointed on something cover product with images, movement, emotions etc. It was reasonable. In informational century we live in the stream information, sometimes feel ideas more then real things. So the evolution fron delivery real product to possibility promote any product is reasonable.

The dark part is any bad product could be promoted that way, and people carried away with beautiful pictures don`t interesting is it good or bad fo them. Bad product could be promoted well and poisons people with romantic images such as smoking ads (I love film ‘Thank you for smoking’ shows how deep such influence is). It is more easy and sale-effecting to make adverts then to develop a product. It is more easy to seduce then to make something real. But life is real. Rapture of common sense always has by-effects. Under extra-attractive images we could found dr.Evil gloating and you will soon get used to it. This is the hidden part of Promotion I try to show by the painting.





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