My diet: Corfu cocktail
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 November 2010 at 02:35 AM

Different coctails and smoothy is an important part of my diet. Being a strict vegeterian I have to design something eatable from local products by myself and so be independent.

On Corfu I did a delicious smoothy in my portable blender. Local fruits of Corfu is very nice, fresh just from trees and it`s fragrance made bouquet to smoothy. Well, my favourite smoothy includes 1 green apple, 1 orange, about 150 ml of water, 2 big spoons of soya milk powder, several leafs of mint, 3 spoons of honey and 1\2 big greece lemon (I like it with skin).

My portable blender is not very powerful so it is important to cut all fruits (especially apple) into small pieces.

Corfu is well known place of kumkvat fabrics makes liqueur. I can`t drink an alchogol and so could make only a glance  towards such product

Small blender works slowly and I have to stop it several time to have a rest.

As I like smoothy more smoothy I did it until it became soft and light.

On the last step I realized that forget the last ingredient - a green melon. It`s no problem! I ate it too! smile

So… Now this is dark, wet and windy in Moscow. But I do the same coctail and dreames about the warm sea and lemons on trees.

Great recipe! I love the portable blender. I must get one. I had no idea they came in portable. You could have scooped the smoothie into the melon and ate it that way? Thanks for the recipe.

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