My Zen-place, 21-th floor
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 25 May 2011 at 06:40 PM

Recently I realized that every place of my home connects with my projects. It means no empty place to found a rest, peace and it`s effective but not very good. Many painting things, science books and DVDs, yoga accessories, clothes, unclose cases take place around so where is a place for myself? Something must be empty to accept a new possibility in a mind, also to recover.   An I create it at my balcony. The main idea is to make a plece full of energy, with the best Feng Shui and I want it to be very simple. Actually I want to make a special place to meditations and pranayama. I made the condition to use only matherials I have and buy no new things.

The best news was the orientation of my balcony from East to West directly which is great thing for morning and everning meditations and exercises. East means Sunrise, Green color, Spring and China; and I designed it with China painting and green silk. Beadrolls I use for Pranayama and meditations so it`s includes into the design.

West means Sunset, Orange colour and India. I decorated it with orange silk, wood figures and pillows.

This is the best of my ideas about design because suddenly I realized how it`s great to sit on my Zen-balcony, 21-th floor, tonight, with candles and music…

... and to drink tea here…

Tea change it`s taste in such atmosphere, and my tea-pot remains warm on the candle… I could feel every sound, every movement of air, and the fine taste, and beauty of my tea cups, and every time fire dances with shadows.

So peaceful place it is, so useful for yoga practice, so simple to rest me, so high over bustle and so close to my everyday life. I am happy.

And I ask myself why I didn`t design it before?..

The layout, floor plan, is a bit unusual, but functional.

Excellent point!

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Really beautiful arts indeed. I like this exceptional decoration though pics looking so nice. Thanks!

Fantastic stuff. Thanks for your site.

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Your blog is good.I really agree with your idea.

Thank you for sharing your blog with us.

Beauty and charm!

Beautiful home.
I like this kind of life!

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